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Improve the design, simplify the message,
increase traffic to your brand online


Advertising, Branding and more from our
central location on Mass. Ave., Indianapolis


Positioning, promoting, and adding a lot of polish


Presenting a proper balance of information
and entertainment.




Big thinkers for creative solutions and strategic insights that revitalize brands.

Efficiently and effectively helping businesses identify a position to succeed.

From here on Mass Ave., Creative yet relevant with results-driven objectives.

"The freight delivery service is a quick-paced business environment. Not only that but it is one that people need to find quickly, without much effort. I knew our website needed improving and that our offerings weren't clearly communicated. I hired Beltrame Leffler to design, develop and create the necessary messaging to improve my website and make it one that quickly made us a clear choice over our competitors. My business has picked up tremendously since launching the site and, as a result, I have added more loyal customers."

− Greg Mertz, Owner, Direct Delivery

"We have worked with Beltrame Leffler for years for various branding assignments related to our properties. Recently, we asked them to provide an estimate for our new website, content development and basic SEO. Not only did they deliver something that exceeded our expectations, they did it very cost-effectively"

− Kelli Lawrence, Partner, Cityscape Residential

"They not only helped us realize our unique position in the marketplace, they helped us rebuild our brand around that positioning. This has resulted in generating heightened levels of awareness and a new brand image that has generated new interest in our products."

− Rob Mayer, President, Mayer Fabrics

"Altai Properties needed a stronger web presence - one that offered the functionality necessary for users to browse properties, and learn more about our company. We worked with Beltrame Leffler when they came to us with an affordable solution that met our needs. Additionally, they provided content that helped to tell our story. Now, we have a website that we easily manage internally when new properties are added, rehabbed and marketed."

− Jared Scaringe, Project Manager, Altai Properties


Believers that branding is more than logo development (we’ve designed plenty of those), we help companies identify their position in the marketplace, then we create a “look” with impact – simplifying messaging to make it more direct and targeted.


Good design is relevant in all mediums. The influx of software and templated solutions has commoditized image development. Develop a unique image for your brand, make it smarter, more targeted, more appealing than your competitors’…we’ll show you how.

Brand Messaging-Writing

For every solid company, there’s something to be said. There’s a process for distilling your strengths then cohesively and clearly communicating them. Let’s add some punch to your presentation, let’s quickly communicate the benefits to more efficiently win customers.


Websites have become the most efficient and most relevant form of reaching your audience. Need a cost-effective solution for establishing or re-establishing your web presence? Image development, brand messaging, superior design…that’s what we do for your business to make sure that you’re properly represented on every possible device that your customers use.

Inbound Marketing

Web, social, SEO, and more, inbound marketing isn’t for everybody but it works for most. The appropriate plan, and appropriate content directing potential customers and loyal followers to your business online is win-win. Let’s figure out which plan is best for you.


There are firms who will claim to know everything about every audience including the one that you target. Not us. Before we make a recommendation for anything related to your company’s brand, we will know your audience and we’ll know your competitors, and the solutions we recommend will strategically position you to succeed. Years of experience make this process effective, and efficient.

“Simply put, we are here for your business; honest, hard-working, creative individuals with a lot of real-world business experience using our backgrounds to help small- to medium-size businesses succeed. And did we mention?… this is exciting stuff for your organization!