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Full Circle Indianapolis Event Branding

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Really, full circle. Years ago, our good friend Crystal Grave came to us with an event planning online concept that compiled, presented and even provided tools for consumers, event planners, venues and virtually any parties with an interest in event planning. The really cool thing is that this online haven made marketing, ideation and collaboration an open door for perfect strangers to connect, collaborate and plan magnificent events conveniently.

Now years later, not only were we given the opportunity to assist in refreshing the Snappening brand identity, we have been tapped by a group to brand, market, and advertise an event mecca now known as the Indianapolis Conference Center.

For one, the launch has been established and it has become a very chic online tool for Event Planning, in a Snap! For the other, the launch has just happened, and as this post is being written, additions, renovations, and new construction are making the Indianapolis Conference Center one of the most exciting new opportunities for any organization planning a large-scale event in Indianapolis!

The Beat, the Board, and Creativity…for Percussion Arts

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Pretty cool that right here in Indianapolis, we are the home of the Percussion Arts Society and their Rhythm! Discovery Center. Beltrame Leffler is proud to have representation on their Board of Directors. Between the meetings and discussions concerning the Rhythm! Discovery Center, and the PASIC event which is by far the largest event for percussion artists including famous musicians, percussion instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts, there has also been a few moments for letting loose at the Discovery Center, in the drum circle, on the sets and…creatively contributing exhibit design for the latest Exhibit…And the Kitchen Sink.

One of the best kept secrets in town. Find the Rhythm! Discovery Center housed on the Northwest corner of Washington and Illinois. Find it, and you won’t be disappointed!

Indianapolis Conference Center

Indianapolis-East Side, Branding & Beltrame Leffler…Indy Conference Center

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There’s nothing better than being awarded an account that offers a world of opportunity in our own backyards. There are a lot of great things happening on the East side of Indianapolis, and there has been a movement toward restoration, renovation and new respect for the history, the culture, the architecture and the potential -that for decades- has been taken for granted. 

We are very proud of the opportunity to assist in the branding and marketing, identity, print, digital, photography, advertising, lead generation, e-mail campaigning, website design/development, copy and more, for what is turning out to be one of the most exciting initiatives that includes a major brand, and a brand new-boutique brand that is culminating to offer a concept that will be part of the new energy.

The Indianapolis Conference Center has sprung, just in the last few months and there is a lot more to come, so stay tuned.

Face it, a Small Market if You’re Interested

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Let’s face it, Indianapolis isn’t Madison Avenue, it isn’t THE MARKET for big digital, media and branding spends…and, it never has been. As companies outside of the Midwest consolidate and continue to grow the food chain, so do the big-brand advertisers. Not in Indianapolis, and that’s fine, that’s just the way it is. For those who claim they are tipping that market in Indianapolis? Okay, Congratulations…

There have been a few “big” accounts during the past two, or three decades but these are simply “big accounts” by Indianapolis measures. Truth is, there is some big thinking and a lot of experience that fits the demands of this market, and by plan, it is more consistent with the budget mindset, here in this humble city.

We will be posting, updating and adding a heckuvalot creative work soon. In the meantime, read the local rags about how the local companies are making it big–NATIONALLY. Good stuff!

Beltrame Leffler Handles Their Role in the Big IDDBA Show!

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Lucky to be a part of brand development for a safe food initiative, a national show promotion that attracts thousands of food industry professionals and retailers and above all, the association that is without a doubt, on-track to provide the educational resources and innovative guidance for all to succeed.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and its new Executive Director, Mr. Michael Eardley, entrusted us to assist by way of show promotional advertising-both digital and print as well as collaboration on show production and direction with crews, talents and creative execution.

The result was an incredible overall presentation made to thousands of industry representatives in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a small taste of what happened in Atlanta – look for next year’s show to be even more incredible!!

Digital Brand, Advertising, Marketing…the Real Advantages

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Okay, so we all know about the “experience” of digital interaction in a consumer’s mind. It’s called the Internet or “play” that allows the user to press and see – and be entertained by something virtual or maybe even “shop to make a quick purchase, conveniently.” But for brand experience, the sky (and your budget) is the limit. What is the experience with your brand? What does your brand promise, what does your brand deliver? Is it an emotional, functional or financial benefit? Is it a product, a service or something even more ambiguous…like an aspiration or?

Really, what makes it unique? Now on to the advantages of digital. Yet another mode of delivering that brand promise, consistent with its positioning…or at least it should be, and wait, there’s more…

Let’s face it, digital is numbers, data and a collection of such to produce pixels or processes for interaction…

The advantages of digital advertising have finally come to light. Track, measure, realize ROI…reporting, crunching, finding the return on your investment is what digital can offer in real-time, in easy-to-understand reports, and if done effectively, guess what…those budgets begin to really tell you what you’re getting for that creative work (emotional, functional, financial or? just plain beneficial). And that creative work should have your best interest in mind. No fun and games unless those fun and games are critical to your brand’s promise. There’s still a lot of conventional, there’s still a lot of psychological and there is still a lot of “strategy” that goes much deeper to win the target over, generate awareness and engage the prospect, increase sales and…Voila!

That’s our deal. Finally, the buzz about digital advertising has merit, and it’s called ROI.

Food Safety, Shaq, Martha Stewart; All part of the multichannel mix

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We’ve been working hard on helping to establish a brand for our client, the International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association. Beginning with the development of a branded initiative – Safe Food Matters!; a campaign which includes a mix of identity, digital, animation, video, print and advertising strategy leading up to their seminar that attracts foodies, supermarket executives, major food brands and overall – no less than 7,500 attendees!

Also included are our efforts to assist them in promoting, producing, art directing and developing creative content for the big show, this year in Atlanta. Including special guests Jay Leno, Martha Stewart and Shaquille O’Neal to name a few…going to be a great one.

BL…BL&T, an Opportunity that Brings Home the Bacon!

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Same brand colors, same brand standards…maybe that’s how we were able to quickly take on this challenge and deliver a solution that helped to launch the most exciting new restaurant concept in Indianapolis.

No doubt unique, and no doubt a creative concept with a solid strategy to provide a truly interesting yet appetizing menu for downtowners in Indianapolis. Bacon, Legs and Turntables is quite possibly the coolest big-city-type restaurant to open recently. Definitely not a copycat, definitely not a fancy, but a solid menu that mixes gourmet with gotta have it. Yes there’s plenty of bacon but besides that? For bacon lovers and vegans alike, there is a proprietary menu-there are proprietary drinks, and generous open hours for excellent service. Centrally located and available for the whole family!…Available for breakfast, and available for 24 hours on the weekends. So, whether you’re a third shift worker or the business type who likes to call on breakfast for early morning meetings…

Check this place out…before you choose a chain. No doubt, a creative and enticing “place to be” for the most UNIQUE DINING EXPERIENCE IN INDIANAPOLIS!