Cityscape Residential is Hot! on the Web…

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cityscapescreenIf you know multifamily construction in the Indianapolis market, we bet you’ve heard of Cityscape Residential. They’re turning the heads of competitors and investors, not only in Indianapolis but in Louisville and Kansas City as well. In fact, if you want to see how this company has evolved…

Check their new website. Cityscape knew they needed an enhanced brand image online, they knew they needed some content development and they knew with that they needed to take some measures to improve their SEO. We were glad to help. And if you search them, you’ll find them. When you do, look at the successes of this company and you’ll soon understand why a new, impressive website was well worth the effort!

You’ll be surprised what these services can do for your business, immediately, and affordably. Contact us to get an idea of where you can go from here!

Career Starter, an Upstart Revolutionizing the Hiring Process

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CareerStarterWe’re looking forward to attending VERGE on February 27th to witness our friends from CareerStarter as they present their revolutionary concept for online hiring. To say it’s hiring is selling it short. In fact, we know because we have been fortunate to help them with their brand messaging.

Check them out, they’re on to something here. Whether you’re an HR professional or a team of execs looking to make the hiring process more efficient, more rewarding and in the end, a better experience for all involved, CareerStarter is starting to turn some heads in BIG business by helping them avoid BIG stacks of irrelevant resumes.

New York Beverage Company

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Once again, we’ve been tapped to update beverage packaging for our client, White Rock Products out of New York City. You’ll see their products on store shelves in the specialty sections. If you live on the East Coast, you’ve seen their products for more than a century.

Television, Radio and Social…

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We’re glad to be working on an integrated campaign for our consumer client. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that the campaign utilizes a creative and promotional mix to help position this local company as a leader in their category. By creating awareness, THE RIGHT KIND OF AWARENESS, and reinforcing it with a mix of conceptual but strategic execution, there’s no doubt that their presence will be better positioned.

That’s what we do. Real strategy, on-target creative, within budget and across all mediums. We’re not big, probably never will be, but we’re experienced…and exactly what this market needs.

Educational Videos for the Food Industry

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Beltrame Leffler is proud to be finishing up a series of videos for our long-time client the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association. From existing footage to food photography and script writing into After Effects to develop instructional videos for grocery store employees worldwide.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association, based in Madison, Wisconsin is a premier resource for food retailers nationwide. Beltrame Leffler continues to assist them in planning and promoting their annual seminar and now, is helping them add to their educational video library.

The Colts, kids and Three Little Pigs

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Definitely a challenge, but well worth it. We had the opportunity to shoot a television commercial with Andrew Luck, and Dwayne Allen of the Indianapolis Colts for a great client in The Indianapolis Public Library. Though we had an extremely tight schedule with the athletes, we were able to get this done on time and on budget, thanks to a great group of kids, and their parents.


By the way, these guys were great to work with…and the kids will remember this experience for the rest of their lives! See the spot…


Quality Broadcast is Back…Conceptual Image Television and More

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It’s been a long – dry spell for creative, concept-driven broadcast television created here in Indianapolis for Indianapolis-area businesses. Beltrame Leffler is fortunate to be the brand communications agency behind a fresh campaign soon to make waves on a television near you ( if you are in Central Indiana ). Stay tuned, it’s worth it. Fresh, unexpected, quality advertising using local talents for everything, and once again, proving it’s possible to do great work with local agencies, using local talents, for local businesses.


The Avenue is Growing!!

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Big things are really happening on Mass Ave.  Fringe Fest was a great time and the avenue was packed!!  There is a new restaurant/Pub getting ready to open…we are helping them with some of the things that we do best, and they are getting ready to put 24 beers on tap!!  Yes, 24 beers on tap, plus wine on tap!  And, the best part is, the menu will help you pair your beverage with your food.  We can’t wait for our new neighbors to open!  If you are in the area, stop by and say hi, and of course, call us for all your branded communication needs.

Our First “BLink” Client

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Shortly after developing this new service offering, Beltrame Leffler is proud to announce its first “BLink” client.

By leveraging the many outlets available online, we will soon begin building brand digitally for a company that now understands how the Web can best work for its business. We’d like to show your business how it works…stay tuned or give Kevin Howard a call (before your competitors get to him)…