The Beat, the Board, and Creativity…for Percussion Arts

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Pretty cool that right here in Indianapolis, we are the home of the Percussion Arts Society and their Rhythm! Discovery Center. Beltrame Leffler is proud to have representation on their Board of Directors. Between the meetings and discussions concerning the Rhythm! Discovery Center, and the PASIC event which is by far the largest event for percussion artists including famous musicians, percussion instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts, there has also been a few moments for letting loose at the Discovery Center, in the drum circle, on the sets and…creatively contributing exhibit design for the latest Exhibit…And the Kitchen Sink.

One of the best kept secrets in town. Find the Rhythm! Discovery Center housed on the Northwest corner of Washington and Illinois. Find it, and you won’t be disappointed!

Face it, a Small Market if You’re Interested

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Let’s face it, Indianapolis isn’t Madison Avenue, it isn’t THE MARKET for big digital, media and branding spends…and, it never has been. As companies outside of the Midwest consolidate and continue to grow the food chain, so do the big-brand advertisers. Not in Indianapolis, and that’s fine, that’s just the way it is. For those who claim they are tipping that market in Indianapolis? Okay, Congratulations…

There have been a few “big” accounts during the past two, or three decades but these are simply “big accounts” by Indianapolis measures. Truth is, there is some big thinking and a lot of experience that fits the demands of this market, and by plan, it is more consistent with the budget mindset, here in this humble city.

We will be posting, updating and adding a heckuvalot creative work soon. In the meantime, read the local rags about how the local companies are making it big–NATIONALLY. Good stuff!

Cityscape Residential is Hot! on the Web…

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cityscapescreenIf you know multifamily construction in the Indianapolis market, we bet you’ve heard of Cityscape Residential. They’re turning the heads of competitors and investors, not only in Indianapolis but in Louisville and Kansas City as well. In fact, if you want to see how this company has evolved…

Check their new website. Cityscape knew they needed an enhanced brand image online, they knew they needed some content development and they knew with that they needed to take some measures to improve their SEO. We were glad to help. And if you search them, you’ll find them. When you do, look at the successes of this company and you’ll soon understand why a new, impressive website was well worth the effort!

You’ll be surprised what these services can do for your business, immediately, and affordably. Contact us to get an idea of where you can go from here!