Everything Evolves

There was a time not too long ago

When our modest office on Mass. Ave. was surrounded by historic buildings with crumbling bricks and an occasional short-lived storefront. This was a time when our supplies order included more X-acto blades, more cold press, markers, pencils and licensed/packaged software. Digital storage was quickly evolving from 3.5″ disks to Syquests, JAZ and Zip disks, CDs and DVDs.

A lot has changed since then, and the evolution continues at a quick pace. Not only our location but the methods for efficiently and cost-effectively doing what our business does to market a brand’s services or products both strategically and relevantly.

Integration still includes the use of an X-acto blade every once in a while. It still includes knowledge of colors, printing, paper, proper budgeting and experience of these disciplines when appropriate. It includes hiring professional studio photographers and videographers and complex sets or special locations. However, integration also includes quick, efficient and cost-conscious concepts that can quickly and effectively be produced, adapted, and placed across channels appropriate to meet a client’s objectives.

Some things haven’t changed though. Understanding positioning, developing brand based on that positioning and successfully communicating to an audience in a way that drives them to make a decision is still the end goal. On the shelf, online, via sales efforts and tangible credibility or online both organically and paid, building brands to generate awareness resulting in conversions is the objective.

Our goal as an agency has been strategically and tactfully evolve in our environment for the benefit of our customers while maintaining a responsibility to wisely utilize budgets in a way that is relevant and appropriate. We are thankful for the clients who have grown with us, and our growth will continue as necessary to continue to serve them.