Packaging for Production

Packaging for Production? We do this. For real.

Is it aesthetics? Is it scientific? Is it mass-produced or hand-applied? Product packaging can be misleading. If boutique and short-run for niche, unregulated sales – freedom reigns and the end result is rewarding for designers, product owners and even the consumer.

There are occasions, however, when the boutique hand-crafted product and its packaging become mass-produced and distributed. That’s when all that is good for a business start-up becomes something a little more complex.

Packaging regulations are not fun but necessary, especially when being considered for distribution in larger retail environments. Regulatory (legal) restrictions and requirements, not to mention consumer expectations for ingredients, contents, legitimate claims and transparency can turn a beautiful open canvas into a design and production problem that needs to be solved.

We do this. It is challenging but we take pride in solving these problems for clients. Good design prepared for production lines leading to shelf presence in markets nationwide while ensuring that we’re not exposing our clients to regulatory risks…We do this.