Welcome to Kevin Howard!

Beltrame Leffler would like you to join us in welcoming our new Director of Emerging Media, Kevin Howard.   Kevin has a 20-year background in Sales and Marketing in the Information Services space, as well as extensive online marketing and branding experience.  He will be working with current and existing customers implementing our new emerging media product, BLINK.

BLINK is a proprietary inbound marketing strategy that uses key message and content development to increase a brand’s online presence.   Social media, relevant key work-driven content push, inbound linking and list streaming combine to enhance SEO, customer prospecting and retention as well as overall brand awareness.  BLINK quickly gets businesses more exposure, in more places-on the web.

He’s settled in now so give Kevin a call for more information. Let’s get started on increasing your brand’s presence online.

You can contact Kevin at khoward@bladv.com, or call 317 916 9930.