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“Cerebral Creative” Marketing…good for?

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BLADV_logoLet’s think about creativity as it relates to business but realize you don’t want to think about it too long because you really don’t want to think about it.Could be that creativity has to do with “thinking” on the creative side to make a service or product more compelling in a shortened, concise manner that quickly communicates the benefits of such. In today’s business environment, there are not long-drawn-out opportunities to “riddle” the consumer and/or procurer with our attempts to out-wit the common buyer. As much time as we might spend trying to get others to think, chances are – – after thinking about and analyzing the visual analogies or metaphoric scribe, or sarcasm – we’ve lost them… This is a business, and our job because we chose this profession, is to be creative and be bold but do it efficiently. That’s truly strategic and creative – and by the way, that’s our responsibility.

Building Brand or Likes?

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According to a recent Ad Age survey, a majority of companies advertising on Facebook do so to build awareness rather than to build likes or leads.  While building brand is very important, it should not be used as the excuse to spend on social medial…it should be part of a planned marketing strategy that integrates all forms of marketing and advertising.  Contact us to learn more about how Beltrame Leffler Brand Communications can take your business to the next level.


2012, Going Strong

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5-25-12: We’ve been pretty busy during the first half of this year. A few integrated campaigns which included print and Web as well as some brand overhauls and creative solutions for trade displays and showroom interiors have kept us seated at our Macs.

Not only will we be announcing a few new clients soon, we’re also excited to be announcing our new service, BLINK. With this, we will be considered a truly integrated digital agency. More to come on this later in 2012!

Beltrame Leffler Brand Communications is full steam ahead, and ready to give you the service, knowledge and strategic advice that you would expect from a professional firm.

Contact us any time…we won’t bite.