Digital Sales Stragies

For an established yet innovative company, multiple divisions that complemented each other to provide an extraordinarily relevant and good-willed offering is a rewarding challenge.

And that challenge was to capture all of this with a brand realignment, key messaging as well as a marketing push that educated, plus promoted solutions that are proven to be better energy solutions for production, cost control, and even storage. The best part is, schools throughout Indiana are realizing the benefits which in the end means, money saved and repurposed for better resources, better environments, and better education for our youth.

The most rewarding work we can do, is work that helps to increase awareness, and sell a product or service that helps to improve much more than just the bottom line.

Brand realignment, brand image development, collateral, digital sales strategies, and much more to spread the good word.

With little doubt that there were a lot of great things happening at Johnson-Melloh Companies, the challenge was to strategically make sure that they could all work together as a cohesive offering that offered much flexibility with the experience and knowledge of all disciplines. Mechanical electrical plumbing, design/build construction, energy innovation including alternative energy production, storage, lighting, building automation and more, the efforts continue as Johnson-Melloh is fast becoming a major player in the state of Indiana, and growing throughout the Midwest.