November 30th, Beltrame Leffler Day in Indianapolis

Beltrame Leffler Day 2018 image

Anniversary Happy Birthday Card Design on Chalkboard

This is UNOFFICIALLY BUT OFFICIALLY Beltrame Leffler Day in Indianapolis!

Founded by Mike Beltrame and K.C. Leffler, Beltrame Leffler is in its 20th year of business. Founded as an advertising agency in 1999, and located on Massachusetts Avenue, the firm has sustained recessions, parking suffocation and property taxes.

The best news is, all continues at Beltrame Leffler – we continue to provide a combination of unique positioning emphasis, brand importance and all that reinforces these for our clients.

20 years later, we still do it with a responsibility to provide knowledge, experience and creative (as appropriate) services that produce. And “Thank You” to our clients. Thank you for entrusting us to provide the services and proof in results for which we continue to hold ourselves accountable. Thank you for your loyalty.

Perhaps this is why 20 years later, we are still doing it and doing it on all channels – in all mediums, and with a strategic approach that can only be delivered with a combination of well-thought strategy and well-utilized technology.

20 years later, we’re still 20 years young, and 20 years apart by birth (shared Birthdays on November 30th). Here’s to 20 years celebrated on “Beltrame Leffler Day” on November 30th. This is a holiday branded by Beltrame Leffler…and as usual, yet another deadline for somebody.