Consistently, Positioning Matters for Your Business

Beltrame Leffler Advertising Indianapolis helps businesses figure out their position in the marketplace

Beltrame Leffler Advertising Indianapolis helps businesses figure out their position in the marketplaceFor Businesses, this Still Remains the Answer

A pandemic. Political ambiguity. Economic uncertainty…

Many of us have a business to run. Many of us have made some adjustments, and have put forth the efforts to adapt. No doubt, with all that is changing day-to-day, and with all that has created an environment where -what worked last month, is not going to work this month- the idea of getting on track to sustaining a successful business has become a perpetually moving target.

But through it all, there is one business staple that hasn’t changed. Through all of this, there is one business exercise that remains as consistent as it is critical.


Are you providing a service? How does your service deliver in a way that sets it apart from the competition? Who is your competition? How can you effectively and efficiently communicate the attributes of your service against your competition? How can your message be implemented? With what resources, and where should this be done?

The answers to these questions are not menu items. For wise use of dollars and long-term viability, the answers are not included in a ‘digital’ package of here’s the latest thing. Contrarily, the answers are in positioning. Study of competition. Acknowledgement of audience, opportunities and untapped new methods for generating awareness among that audience; strategically communicated, and placed for measurement of response–all become much more effective with an understanding of your position in the marketplace.

For a solid, strategic and custom plan, positioning is still the most important first step for businesses. From 100 year-old businesses to start-ups, we continue to offer right-sized, consultative relationships; helping our clients identify their Positions in the Marketplace then strategically providing an efficient plan for generating results-driven awareness.

For more than 20 years, Beltrame Leffler has assisted a variety of business types including manufacturers, industrial, institutional, medical and retail…the list goes on. From comprehensive digital solutions to print, design and copy; our firm offers the flexibility of a boutique marketing firm with the knowledge and experience that rivals all. We’re a perfect fit for your marketing needs, and at a fraction of the cost of a marketing staff. Our services have revitalized outdated brands, developed new brands and set strategies to provide solid organizations the market presence they deserve.