Concept, it’s Still Critical.

The noise in marketing and advertising is often distracting. Not only for organizations wanting to make decisions on how best to market their product or service offerings, but also for aspiring marketing professionals trying to establish a career – the latest and newest tricks (that frequently change or become irrelevant) are daunting. Actually, the noise can even be distracting to already established marketing and advertising professionals.

Noise like SEO, SEM, SM, CTC, CPA, CPC, CRO, geofencing, retargeting (just to name…a bunch of’em) can definitely distract businesses from doing what matters most.

Ironically, what matters most mattered most before any of these were even a distraction. What does your business do well? How do you distinguish your offerings from competitors? And who are the most likely to benefit from that? How is this all presented to make the most compelling statement to those who matter most? Now it’s time for strategy that results in concept and execution. The execution could include…SEO, SEM, SM, CTC, CPA, CPC, CRO, geofencing, retargeting and on, and on…and that’s a solid plan!

The concept here is one that we recently developed for our valued client and friends at Mayer Fabrics. Congratulations to them for soft-launching this glamorous and innovative product that has already won them an industry award. See more on this…