Beltrame Leffler Handles Their Role in the Big IDDBA Show!

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Lucky to be a part of brand development for a safe food initiative, a national show promotion that attracts thousands of food industry professionals and retailers and above all, the association that is without a doubt, on-track to provide the educational resources and innovative guidance for all to succeed.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and its new Executive Director, Mr. Michael Eardley, entrusted us to assist by way of show promotional advertising-both digital and print as well as collaboration on show production and direction with crews, talents and creative execution.

The result was an incredible overall presentation made to thousands of industry representatives in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a small taste of what happened in Atlanta – look for next year’s show to be even more incredible!!

Food Safety, Shaq, Martha Stewart; All part of the multichannel mix

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We’ve been working hard on helping to establish a brand for our client, the International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association. Beginning with the development of a branded initiative – Safe Food Matters!; a campaign which includes a mix of identity, digital, animation, video, print and advertising strategy leading up to their seminar that attracts foodies, supermarket executives, major food brands and overall – no less than 7,500 attendees!

Also included are our efforts to assist them in promoting, producing, art directing and developing creative content for the big show, this year in Atlanta. Including special guests Jay Leno, Martha Stewart and Shaquille O’Neal to name a few…going to be a great one.

Beltrame Leffler Brands National Awareness Campaign

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Honored to assist one of the largest and reputed food Associations serving Dairy, Deli and Bakery retailers, Beltrame Leffler is assisting in launching the first of Food Safety Awareness initiatives for our client in 2015.

Launched, and ready to be promoted throughout the year in 2015, this program will serve retailers nationwide with educational, on-site training and multi-media presentations and promotions.

Congratulations Mayer Fabrics!

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We would like to congratulate our client Mayer Fabrics on their successful NeoCon 2012 showing. With a new permanent showroom in Merchandise Mart, Chicago and as always, exciting new product launches that support their theme “Style Has Value,” things are really exciting for them and we’re happy to assist them along the way with brand message development, reinforcement and image collaboration for digital, print advertising, collateral and trade show design.

Congratulations Mayer Fabrics!

When a Blue Jacket and Black Pants are in Fashion

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More prospective customers are turning to social media sites to get information about your company, products, and services (including reviews, links to ordering pages, directions, and pricing).  A growing portion are getting this information not just online, but on their mobile devices.  So the  question is, does your web and social media sites deliver the same look, feel, and message as your other forms of marketing and advertising?

Does the catalog your salespeople hand out match the info on your Facebook page?  Does your email blast have the same feel as your website?  Does the message that runs across all of your marketing and advertising say the same thing?  Is your brand communication a consistent message?  Have you spent any time looking at all of your marketing and advertising collateral to make sure you are serving your clients and your prospects?

The experts here at Beltrame Leffler would be happy to give you a free evaluation of  how your brand appears across all platforms.  Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.

Building Brand or Likes?

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According to a recent Ad Age survey, a majority of companies advertising on Facebook do so to build awareness rather than to build likes or leads.  While building brand is very important, it should not be used as the excuse to spend on social medial…it should be part of a planned marketing strategy that integrates all forms of marketing and advertising.  Contact us to learn more about how Beltrame Leffler Brand Communications can take your business to the next level.


Our First “BLink” Client

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Shortly after developing this new service offering, Beltrame Leffler is proud to announce its first “BLink” client.

By leveraging the many outlets available online, we will soon begin building brand digitally for a company that now understands how the Web can best work for its business. We’d like to show your business how it works…stay tuned or give Kevin Howard a call (before your competitors get to him)…

Welcome to Emerging Media…(Blink, Blink, Blink)

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From our little corner of Mass Ave, we are taking the next step in helping our clients.  Branding- that’s what we do; Advertising-the cornerstone of our business;  Digital and integrated- what our clients need.  Now we have taken additional steps to help our clients put a branded message in more places on the web…welcome to BLINK!!  Blink is our proprietary brand-link offering that is an inbound marketing strategy using key message and content development to increase a brand’s online presence.  Using social media, relevant key-word driven content push, inbound linking and list streaming to enhance SEO, customer prospecting and retention as well as overall brand awareness.  More Exposure, More Places, More Business.

Give us a call, or send us a note…we would be more than happy to discuss how we can increase your awareness on the web.