When a Blue Jacket and Black Pants are in Fashion

More prospective customers are turning to social media sites to get information about your company, products, and services (including reviews, links to ordering pages, directions, and pricing).  A growing portion are getting this information not just online, but on their mobile devices.  So the  question is, does your web and social media sites deliver the same look, feel, and message as your other forms of marketing and advertising?

Does the catalog your salespeople hand out match the info on your Facebook page?  Does your email blast have the same feel as your website?  Does the message that runs across all of your marketing and advertising say the same thing?  Is your brand communication a consistent message?  Have you spent any time looking at all of your marketing and advertising collateral to make sure you are serving your clients and your prospects?

The experts here at Beltrame Leffler would be happy to give you a free evaluation of  how your brand appears across all platforms.  Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.