Digital Agency: Where it’s At or What is That?

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Here is a good question for those who are considering an advertising/marketing agency that professes “digital”…

What makes your agency a “digital” agency?

If the answer is…”we know how to deliver your message via phone, internet, video and on all social media platforms when and where it needs to be delivered, in a relevant manner using technology that helps to target those most likely to purchase your…”

THE TRUTH IS: While there are definitely those who have made continued investments to develop the targeting technology and collaborative short-term delivery applications (continually evolving) and there are those who along with other investors, have taken their beginnings and consolidated with other firms in a vicious, creating-a-better-more-marketable-more-relevant set of tools; the majority of digital agencies are utilizing third party services to claim that there is something special about presenting themselves as –– THE Digital Agency. And in all of the keeping up with the digital Joneses, the big question is…

What does this do to identify the essence of your brand; to buyers? against your competitors? Agencies in a true sense should be able to assist in targeting appropriate audiences with strategic messaging and visuals that resonate, that create awareness-that results in support and sales. This response could be cause related, it could the reason to buy into a new or improved service offering…it could be the impulse to buy a better tangible product.

The decision to buy is a decision based on what you are offering, and how that offering is more compelling. How is that offering unique? Is your offering worth purchasing? Is it service combined with quality? Is it a competitive offering that stands out when delivered? If it is, the agency that you are considering should be able to assist you with communicating best what it is that makes you best, and whether it is a strategy document, a media plan, an animated presentation or a targeted delivery of any of the above – via geographic-phone or online-behavior-induced delivery, e-mail, video, etc. etc. IT WILL PRODUCE RESULTS. But for stable businesses with a quality offering, it will only produce results if there is a compelling offering and a message that reinforces that compelling offering.

Bottom line, you need a strategic partner – and not one that superficially throws technology buzz your way. You can call it a marketing firm, you can call it an advertising agency…you can call it a digital pioneer but if your positioning, your brand and that which reinforces it isn’t quite as strategic as it should be, you should call it…Time to Find a New Agency, and chances are –

When the agency is transparent, and when the agency assists you in developing a solid strategy that positions you against your competition in your marketplace, you will end up being as digital as you need to be.

2018 is a new year so let’s get started on making it a great one.