Face it, a Small Market if You’re Interested

Let’s face it, Indianapolis isn’t Madison Avenue, it isn’t THE MARKET for big digital, media and branding spends…and, it never has been. As companies outside of the Midwest consolidate and continue to grow the food chain, so do the big-brand advertisers. Not in Indianapolis, and that’s fine, that’s just the way it is. For those who claim they are tipping that market in Indianapolis? Okay, Congratulations…

There have been a few “big” accounts during the past two, or three decades but these are simply “big accounts” by Indianapolis measures. Truth is, there is some big thinking and a lot of experience that fits the demands of this market, and by plan, it is more consistent with the budget mindset, here in this humble city.

We will be posting, updating and adding a heckuvalot creative work soon. In the meantime, read the local rags about how the local companies are making it big–NATIONALLY. Good stuff!