Full Circle Indianapolis Event Branding

Really, full circle. Years ago, our good friend Crystal Grave came to us with an event planning online concept that compiled, presented and even provided tools for consumers, event planners, venues and virtually any parties with an interest in event planning. The really cool thing is that this online haven made marketing, ideation and collaboration an open door for perfect strangers to connect, collaborate and plan magnificent events conveniently.

Now years later, not only were we given the opportunity to assist in refreshing the Snappening brand identity, we have been tapped by a group to brand, market, and advertise an event mecca now known as the Indianapolis Conference Center.

For one, the launch has been established and it has become a very chic online tool for Event Planning, in a Snap! For the other, the launch has just happened, and as this post is being written, additions, renovations, and new construction are making the Indianapolis Conference Center one of the most exciting new opportunities for any organization planning a large-scale event in Indianapolis!