Buy into Brand. Be Smart when Advertising.

So we had an opportunity to work with an open-minded but intelligent client who was able to stand back, assess the situation, and take a big-picture approach to delivering an audiences’ needs in the form of a well developed online brand – reinforced by a solid positioning and consistent image.  (sorry about that long sentence)

Yeah, this is a little ambiguous or industry-heavy to some but truth be told, it’s not rocket science. Without going into great detail, here are the nuts and bolts that businesses of all sizes can take to heart when attempting to launch or reinforce a brand for a business, product or service:

1. Research. A little or a lot. Qualitative research – primary or secondary, is simply due diligence. Know your audience. Ask them questions relevant to your product or service. Use this intelligence to communicate to the masses. ( an experienced agency knows how to help you work viable research into your budget).

2. Positioning. Do you compete against others? What sets your brand apart? Let us help you figure this out and then provide solutions to communicate it efficiently and effectively.

3. Creative. There is a creative way to penetrate the minds of your audience(s) and a strategic way to target them with effective messaging. This can be done via web, print, broadcast, direct mail, promotional items, or??? – believe it or not, all are viable but not all are appropriate for your business. Go with a thinking agency, not one that tries to push you toward a prefabricated or discriminating plan.

Okay, so this isn’t a thorough, itemized advertising plan but it is the “nuts and bolts” that will catapult your brand. Give us a shout when you’re ready to get serious about the brand, product or service you are passionate about. We’re just as passionate about helping you do what it takes to succeed!

If you’re a little more serious about the steps necessary in building brand, and if you think you’re ready to get started, give us a shout. We’ll be happy to “talk shop” ( a little more in-depth) with you.