The concept of a social media campaign is pretty basic. Create a community where prospects and current customers are interacting with you. Whether on your website, or social media sites, create a personal experience for the user that keeps them engaged and coming back. Know who you are targeting, and keep that in mind when creating posts, articles, blogs, posting pictures and sending tweets. Don’t measure the quantity of hits to your sites…measure the quality. Who are they, and how are they interacting? Those people who are engaged (trusting you know who your audience is) are the ones you are marketing to. Remember, prospects are on your site for information and a good experience, which means GOOD CONTENT! If your content is not fresh and relevant, they will not return. Speaking of content, don’t forget to read the posts and comments and respond to them. Your prospects will tell you how to attract them and get them to stay engaged. You just have to listen. So, good content, listen and respond with good content. Finally, at the very least, track where new business is coming from. You are investing in the branding of your company when you do Social Media marketing the right way, so track where your customers on-board to your company.


Branding your company, the look, feel, attitude, mission, is accomplished in all areas of your company. Social Media is a way to put your brand in front of more people, but make sure your brand is consistent across all areas of marketing.


At Beltrame Leffler, we help companies with brand communications. From initial brand, to rebrand, from traditional marketing to emerging and social media marketing. We do packaging, overall brand, websites, social media, email marketing, in-bound marketing, digital marketing and content development. Let us look you over…and give you a hand.