For What is Your Brand Known?

The moral of this story is, you can claim you're the best but guess what, so does everybody else. What is it that you're the best at?...



The (surviving) Company “A” doing just what a surviving company does, provides “great service” or an “excellent product” or “knowledge and experience” and so on and so forth.


For all of the companies that feel this is part of their “mission” or somehow the foundation of their “vision,” here is a question for you…How many of your direct competitors say the exact same thing?


The answer is most likely, ALL OF THEM. Sure, you may feel that your “great service” is perhaps a little greater than that of your competitors but we bet that they would present the same argument for theirs over yours. Case in point, for every great company (a “great” company is one that not only survives but thrives), there is at least one thing that sets their brand apart. For many companies, identifying this, creating a compelling image and communications strategy that supports this, branding it and reinforcing this brand, etc. etc. is where the challenges lie.


And speaking of challenges, here’s one for you. Find the partner who can help you take a step back, understand your strengths and find the one strength that resonates with your potential customers. Once you do identify this, and communicate it with a solid and strategic plan, guess what…you’re on your way to becoming more than a survivor.


Beltrame Leffler continues to do this for small to-mid-size clients. We do it well. By consulting to identify an attainable position, and building a solid brand around that; integration becomes a strategic combination of digital and conventional tools that create a new and exciting brand awareness which results in…you guessed it – growth.


So, hang your hats on this or lose your shirts…hahaha, we’re pretty darn creative too (but always responsibly so). The moral of this story is, you can claim that you’re the best but guess what, so does everybody else. What is it that you’re the best at?…Be the best at it, claim that position, brand it AND BE ON YOUR WAY TOWARD WORLD DOMINANCE.