Last year, almost exactly to the date, we found ourselves trying to slide into our parking spots on Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis. Then it was four inches of consistently thick ice, covering every surface exposed to the elements. Between cars sliding into curbs, people falling on their keisters, and pickers trying to break through to sidewalks, it was a real mess.

This year? another story. Yes, it was ice in our parking lot, but not just 4 inches. It was 20 feet of ice, in the form of New York City’s skyline, and Snoopy. So, from a 4-inch bed of ice to a 20-ft sculpture of ice… we’re all wondering what might happen to our parking lot next year?

Maybe an ice fishing pond? or a TALL refreshing drink?

Time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll drive around the Statue of Liberty to park in the morning (that is, until she melts?) for another day of work on Mass. Ave.