(M)Ad Agency

As I sit here, reviewing research, considering our target’s mindset, and our client’s product, I realize that a blank piece of paper or two, or three, or… is waiting for the words, the visuals; the flow of a message that will not only catch the attention of an unsuspecting but predetermined subject and potential ‘buyer’, it might, or perhaps it better, elicit an emotion that drives a need, and in the end, “closes the deal”.

Take a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER, develop a concept, design a site, an ad, a label, a billboard a video, a ???. Write the headline, write the copy, write/produce/direct the music, design and develop the site AND HURRY…but before we get too far, let’s lay our necks on the conference table while trying to stand behind our ideas and present them. IF all goes well, and it better, finish the effort in half as much time. In other words, HURRY!

Where the days of open-bar-offices, and nicotene-addicted ad execs schlepping around a high-pressure agency are long gone – MADMEN – the demands of our profession aren’t.

Advertising is a tough business. It’s definitely not for everybody. For those of us who are in this demanding, unpredictable, and often times unforgiving profession, hats off!