Socially Inept Marketing?

At Beltrame Leffler, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients build their brands and communicate key messaging to their target consumers. This includes using both traditional and new media tools. Part of the new media are the rapidly growing social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, etc. But how are marketers using these tools to take their messages online and into web communities? Such insights could help you in preparing your plans.

I recently ran across an article that could help. Chief Marketer just published the results of a survey on The 2009-10 State of Social Marketing that sheds some light on this and that you may find helpful.

Most (61%) of the marketers in the survey are currently integrating their online and offline campaigns, with another 19% planning to within the next year. They are doing it to reach their target audience at multiple points of their choosing and because of lower costs.

Efforts are measured for success mainly by tracking sales and leads, with the primary focuses being to drive customers or prospects to their website or to be able to identify and speak directly with a company’s “fans.”

Given that Web traffic is important, how is it generated? At the top of the list, “organic” search ranking, as generated through search engine optimization, followed by links within e-mails and URLs in offline media (direct mail, catalogs, print ads, etc.). Smaller firms (revenue below $10 million) are more likely to use social media sites, such as blogs and social communities, to pull in Web traffic than are larger firms, again probably due to budget factors.

If you are not yet integrating your marketing campaign, you are not alone, but you need to be thinking about doing that. AtBeltrame Leffler Advertising, we can help. We have developed integrated campaigns for several clients and can do the same for you. Give us a call and see how social marketing can help your company build its brand and achieve your goals.